Japan Lubricating Oil Society(JALOS) is an organization established in 1978, approved by Agency of National Resources & Energy (changed to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry from January, 2001) which belong to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, with the purpose of promoting lubricating oil industry's activities. JALOS conducts public utilities related lubricating oil industry, such as various kinds of experiments and research, propagation activities of management technique, training of engineers, and information collection and supply, etc., cooperated by 149 membership oil related companies.

Established 1st September, 1978
Number of member companies 145
(Manufactures of lubricant and additives, and users of lubricants, etc)
Officers Chairman Mr. Yuji Ishikawa
Vice Chairman Mr. Yoshiki Terasaki
Vice Chairman Mr. Masaru Mishima
Executive Director Mr. Shigenori Hidan
Directors 15 people
Auditors 3 people
Address 16-1, 2-Chome, Hinode, Funabashi- Shi, Chiba
Telephone : 81-47-433-5181
Facsimile : 81-47-431-9579
E-mail joho@jalos.or.jp
Homepage https://www.jalos.or.jp/

Yuji Ishikawa

Tests, Research and Development
*Tests and research of quality/performance for lubricants
*Research of specification and test method for lubricants
Education and Public Relations
*Education for machine maintenance
Investigation and Collection of Information
*International communication
Environment & Public Safety Countermeasure
Countermeasure for Propagation of Lubrication Management
Distribution of JASO Reference Oils
On - File of JASO Engine Oil

Automatic Flash Point Tester

Physical Chemical Property
*Automatic Viscometer
*Micro Carbon Residue Tester
*Auto Pour and Cloud Point Tester
*Automatic Flash Point Tester
*Demulsibility Characteristics Tester
*Cone Penetration Tester

Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer

Instrumental Analysis
*Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer
*Double Beam Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrophotometer
*Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer
*Gas Chromatography
*Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
*Total Nitrogen Analyzer
*Total Chlorine Analyzer
*Scanning Electron Microscope
*Thermal Analysis Instruments

Four-ball Wear Test Machine

Wear and Extreme-Pressure Tester
*Soda Four-Ball Machine
*Falex Style Friction Test Machine
*Timken Extreme Pressure Tester
*Pendulum Style Friction Tester
*Four-Ball Wear Test Machine
*Four-Ball Extreme-Pressure Lubricant Tester

Hot Tube Tester

Oxidation Stability Tester
*Corrosiveness Oxidation Stability Tester of Lubricating for Aircraft
*Turbine oil Oxidation Stability Test,TOST Indiana Stirring Oxidation Tester
*Rotating Bomb Oxidation Tester
*Panel Coking Tester
*Thermal Oxidation Stability of Gear Lubricants
*Grease Oxidation Stability Tester
*Hot Tube Tester etc.

Lubricity Test Procedure
for Evaluating Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils

Engine Tests
*JASO M 340 Lubricity Test Procedure for Evaluating Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils
*JASO M 341 Detergency Test Procedure for Evaluating Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils
*JASO M 342 Smoke Test Procedure for Evaluating Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils
*JASO M 343 Exhaust System blocking Test Procedure for Evaluating Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils

SAE No.2 Friction Property Apparatus

*Ferrography Analyzer
*HIAC/ROYCO Particle Counter - Particulate Contamination Analysis
*Corrosion Protection by Gear Lubricants in The Presence of Moisture
*Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Test Apparatus
*Greases Leakage Tendencies Test Apparatus
*Neutral Salt Spray Tester
*Humidity Cabinet Tester
*SAE No.2 Friction Property Apparatus
*Low Velocity Friction Apparatus (LVFA)

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